EDDIE COCHRANE                                              
 Born October 3rd 1938 in Albert Lea, Minnesota.  An Icon in Rock and Roll history.  A pioneer who left his indelible stamp in the R&R world, Eddie epitomised the 50s rocker  with the long sideburns, the stance,  the great guitar riffs and the " get out of my way, I'm coming through " attitude that was so prevalent in the 50s and 60s. Defiance, rebellion, there are those words again. He influenced all the great rockers from the Beatles to the Stones to the Who and the Sex Pistols and hundreds more. Who can forget his appearance in the Movie " The Girl Can't Help It" - Personally I wasn't watching Jayne Mansfield's big tits in the Movie -  lovely though they were - I was watching Eddie.  John Lennon and Paul McCartney came together in 1957 when John taught Paul the chords to" 20 Flight Rock" - the song that Eddie featured in the Movie. One of Eddie's great hits was " Summertime Blues " a song that was played non stop in the 2 I's and every other coffee bar in the UK . Both "The Who" and " Blue Cheer" cut great versions of that song in the 60s, and it became an Anthem for all the pissed off teenagers of the time.  Eddie began his musical career in 1954 when he teamed up with Hank Cochran [ no relation ] a singer/guitarist and they toured and recorded together as the " Cochran Brothers." He then teamed up with songwriter Jerry Capehart who became his manager and the two stayed together for the remainder of Eddie's career.  Eddie cut his first Rock record in July 1956 for the Crest label, a number called "Skinny Jim" - but it was really the movie " The Girl Can't Help it " that gave him that first big break. He also made a great appearance in the movie " Go Johnny Go "  singing  " C'mon Everybody " which became another huge hit. Oddly enough He only released one Album during his career - " Singin' to My Baby. "  Sadly, Eddie's career was cut short when the limousine he was travelling in crashed on route to Heathrow Airport after a UK tour. Gene Vincent was also hurt in that crash along with Eddie's fiance, songwriter " Sharon Sheeley." One day after the crash Eddie died from his injuries - on April 17th 1960.  The single he released at that time - " Three Steps to Heaven,"  remains a rather eerie tribute to this great Rocker.  Eddie Cochran was inducted into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1987.  (c) joe moretti
 Jerry Lee Lewis image   
Jerry Lee Lewis. Born September 29 1935 in Ferriday, Louisiana.  What a Rocker ! Wow ! I first heard Jerry Lee when Alex Harvey of S.A.H.B  played me the great track " Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On" -  This was released by Sun Records on March 1st 1957.  This track caused almost as much of a stir as Elvis' " Heartbreak Hotel. "   When Jerry Lee performed he held nothing back. His performances could border on the ferocious, and my wife Pina and I were witness to one of his shows in Bristol Town Hall on that ill fated UK tour  that was cut short when He announced that " England can kiss my Ass" after news in the Press that He had wed his 13 year old cousin. I was appearing with Eddie Calvert at a Theatre in Bristol at the time and Pina and I were strolling past the town hall when we noticed an "Emergency Exit" door had been left open to the place. We dodged inside and there was Jerry Lee sending it. The place was in uproar. There must have been 100 guys from the audience on stage with him, all rockin', dancing, and there were 10 guys assisting him on Piano.  Jerry Lee didn't care, He was in Heaven. But it started getting very heavy, bordering on Violence, and as Pina and and I had our baby son with us we thought it wise to make a hurried withdrawal from the proceedings. That was one of the few times when I was actually scared at a Rock concert. Boogie Woogie, Western Swing, R&B, Delta Blues, these were the ingredients of Jerry Lee's Music, plus gospel from his local Black community. All these influences were predominant in  making Jerry Lee one of the greatest Rockers of all time. His debut single was a rocking re-do of Ray Price's " Crazy Arms"  and the follow up "Whole Lotta Shakin' " sold  6 Million copies, reaching number 3 in the charts. "Great Balls of Fire" sold 5 million and went to number 2 in the charts, both songs coming from 1957. He was nicknamed "The Killer " and that that name fits him admirably. He went through a drought after the bad UK publicity and recorded mainly C&W tracks, with big hits such as " Another Place, Another Time" and " What Made Milwaukee Famous [Made A Loser Out Of Me]" and by the 80s He had notched up 30 country hits, then headed back into R&R. In 1995 He made a scorching return with the Album " Young Blood." And that was at the age of 60 !  Defiance, Rebellion, refusing to conform or give in, You just can't pigeonhole Jerry Lee. At the Grand Ole Opry in 1973  He made this statement " I'm a Rock an' Rollin', Country and Western, Rhythm and Blues singin' ******  !!  Right on Jerry Lee.  Jerry Lee Lewis was inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame in 1986.  ROCK ON .