BUDDY HOLLY: Born Charles Hardin Holley, Sept 7,1936 in Lubbock,Texas.  Two short years, that was Buddy's lot. Two short years of playing Rock and Roll, but he packed a wealth of music into the R&R scene in that time. Buddy was one of first guys to actually ADD to the R&R scene, By that I mean working with big string sections and " legitimate" orchestral arrangements.  Buddy could hold his own with the Hard Rock Fraternity, but many of his songs had a sweetness and sincerity that went beyond the usual Twelve Bar Blues construction normally associated with Rock. Buddy was an innovator. He wrote his own material and was into double tracking even in those early days, Eddie Cochrane was another gentleman who used this technique to great advantage. Buddy's line up consisted of two guitars, bass and drums, He was one of the pioneers of this line up.  Hank Williams and Jimmy Rodgers were strong contributing forces to Buddy's musical development. He began playing piano at the age of twelve and was influenced by his elder brothers, Larry and Travis, and the Boys practiced and rehearsed together at home which set the scene for Buddy's entry into the world of music. His surname - Holley - was mis-spelt on a recording contract as " Holly" in 1956 and he never altered it.  Norman Petty, a producer and manager from New Mexico came up with the idea of having singles by the Crickets { Buddy's backing group} released on the "Brunswick" Label, an off-shoot of Decca, and Buddy's singles released on the "Coral" Label. This was due to the fact that most artists were limited to the release of of only four singles a year, or perhaps an LP. This was a nice way of getting the exposure required for Buddy's prolific output. Even before "That'll Be the Day" by Buddy and the Crickets entered the U.S charts, Buddy's first single as "Buddy Holly" was released. An interesting point about "Peggy Sue" was that it was originally called "Cindy Lou" after his two year old cousin. It was Jerry Alison who came up with the name "Peggy Sue". One of Buddy's first big breaks came with his appearance on the "Ed Sullivan" show. Later that year He starred alongside Fats Domino, Jerry lee Lewis and The Everlys in a Christmas show at the Paramount Theatre, New York.  Buddy and The Crickets went on an overseas tour in 1958, which included appearances in Hawaii and Australia.  In March of that year they took on a four week tour of the U.K and appeared on the 100th edition of " Sunday Night At The London Palladium ".  I saw that show and was knocked out because they sounded as great "Live" as they did on record, and Buddy played his own solos. They played for 25 consecutive nights in the UK , appearing twice nightly. Buddy didn't wear his famous "Horn rimmed spectacles" in the early days, preferring to wear contact lenses, but after dropping his guitar pick one night and being unable to find it, he resumed wearing the spectacles and stayed with them. They became a visual trademark of his, and many guitarists adopted that trademark including Hank Marvin of The Shadows. He fell in love with a Puerto Rican girl by the name of  Maria Elena Santiago, and the two were married in Lubbock on the 15th August of that year. In January 1959 Buddy headed a tour which included "Big Bopper" and "Ritchie Valens" - both rising stars with major hits in the charts. Fed up with the cold and miserable conditions of travelling by bus, Buddy hired a private plane which was piloted by a 21 year old with no experience in night flying. You know the rest of this tragic story. Rock and Roll lost three wonderful, highly talented artists when the plane crashed.  It was found later in a nearby field. Nobody could believe it. In the UK  all the Guys at the 2 I's went into mourning. Buddy Holly was gone. Buddy's funeral was held at the Tabernacle Baptist Church in Lubbock, Texas. Over a thousand people were present when his body was laid to rest at Lubbock City Cemetry. He had played for only two short years but his output was tremendous and among his many hits were "Oh Boy" " Everyday" "Maybe Baby" the immortal "Peggy Sue"  " Rave on" and " Not Fade Away".  And Buddy most certainly did not fade away, He is bigger than ever in this year of 2002. Buddy was inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame on January 23rd 1986 in New York City. His wife Maria Elena accepted on his behalf. For Me it's a privelege to add my few words to the many that have been written in Tribute to this outstanding Artist. God bless the memory of Buddy Holly.   (c) Joe Moretti  April 2002.



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