I, Joe Moretti, must state from the outset, that nothing in the following article is used gratuitously.

There are 27,000,000 enslaved people in the world today.  The article is intended to bring the reader's attention to that fact, and that fact alone.  Slavery has existed since the dawn of history, in every civilisation throughout the world.  The United States was built on slavery. In that it is not unique. It is my sincere intention to develop this article  to provide a comprehensive  picture of slavery throughout the world, past and present.
 My use of the picture of the Statue of Liberty is for the sole purpose of re- awakening in our minds, and souls,  the reason why it was built in the first place. America is still the most powerful nation on planet earth. We must never forget the inscription at the feet of the lady holding aloft the light of human hope. Ladies and Gentleman :
Give me your tired, your poor,        
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.      
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me.
I lift my lamp beside the golden door."                   

Plan of a Ship for Transporting Slaves

Plan of a ship for transporting slaves

THE BIRTH OF SOUL - SUMMARY.   So You Love "Soul Music" ? You love the glossy pictures of your Favourite Stars, the C.Ds The Movies, and all the Glamour of show business ? No harm in that. Would you like to know how and where and why it all began ?  If you answer "Yes' then read on. Don't be squeamish and don't be afraid. This story HAS to be told. Over and over and over again until this World comes right. Look at this picture. Look at it VERY closely. This is a diagram of a Slave Ship. Every one of those little dots you see represents a Human being, a Human Soul.  99.99 % of the Afro American population are descendants of those souls. The other .01% are  immigrants who made it to the US of A voluntarily. Your favourite Stars, the Great Artists of the past and the present are descendants of the Slaves shipped to The New World by the Slave Masters. This is a diagram of the  Liverpool, England, Slave Ship "The Brookes" - the only plan ever submitted to England's Parliament by The British Abolitionist society, but it was also distributed widely to the English public. There are FOUR HUNDRED AND EIGHTY TWO Men Women and Children in that picture. 482 !  According to verifiable records as many as SIX HUNDRED AND EIGHTY NINE slaves had been transported , in the same space, on the same ship.  If you have the courage, picture in your Mind's eye yourself  below deck, in chains, in filth, in disease, in one huge cauldron of urine and defecation and vomit. And there with you are your Mother, Father, Brothers ,Sisters and Children. The filth, the heat, the blood,the screams of anguish,the moans of the dying, the beatings, the rapes, the murders, and the cries of New Born Babies. Dear Sweet God Almighty - Why ? WHY ?  I'll tell you why. For profit. The Slaves were packed so tightly together that there was hardly room to turn round. The chains chaffing great sores into your limbs, you're in an unspeakable horrific boiling oven of human misery. A nightmare. But one from which you can't awaken.  You think I lie ? I exaggerate ?  Well, dear reader, my words are only a poor, weak description of  the  unspeakable horrors that those poor, poor souls had to endure. Why am I telling this story ?  Because  [1] We must never forget. [2]  Slavery is alive and well today in this year of Our Lord 2002 [3] In the final instance those poor souls were and are our Brothers and Sisters and we MUST speak for them, they cannot speak for themselves.  You see the Words, You see the pictures. Tears only get in the way. Now please go on and enjoy the articles of your favourite Soul Stars, and don't forget to say your prayers tonight.    God Bless You .  This Article is dedicated to all those who died and to all those who are still dying.  
                                                                                                        (c) Joe Moretti  April 2002.
                       [Slaves in Hold]
                         slave auction                                      slave arrangement:  see below
                                    [Slave Ship]
                                                view of single deck slave ship
[Slaves on a ship deck]  
                slaves on deck
The following is a copy of President Abraham Lincoln's final draft on the Emancipation of Slaves.
"Everything which made Abraham Lincoln the loved and honored man he was,
  it is in the power of the humblest American boy to imitate."
  New York Times, April 19, 1865    

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