PLEASE   PLEASE ME" by Gordon Thompson.
This is a remarkable book. There are many publications documenting the UK music industry in the 1960s.
Some have the ingredients necessary for writing about the that period. Biographys, discographys,a wealth of trivia info and lots of fun pictures.They are entertaining, funny, witty, interesting, but in the main they merely provide a "veneer" for what was essentially an extremely complex and multi-faceted decade. Gordon Thompson's book stands alone in getting into the guts of the 1960s UK music scene. It does contain some of the aforementioned elements, but at it's core it's a serious piece of writing, the result of years of research and sheer hard work.
Mr Thompson displays a remarkable gift for building what was essentially a series of telephonic and personal interviews into a composite picture revealing the personalities of those musicians, musical directors, studio engineers, producers, music publishers etc directly involved in the 1960s music scene. It also reveals the rotten underbelly of the music business. The attempts to obtain total control of  the music and the musicians by those motivated solely by profit. One gets a glimpse into the sometimes scary psychology wielded by those in power, particularly the contractors. The book is thorough in it's analysis yet leaves plenty of room for the reader to draw conclusions for him / herself. One of it's most important contributions is the picture it paints of the social / economic conditions that helped fire much of the geat revolutionary change in 1960s UK popular music. Mr Thompson unflinchingly makes reference to the racism, class distinction, and sheer bigotry  that existed in post-war British society and were reflected in the music of that time, essentially in the rebelliousness of youth and the ordinary Joe in the street against the British establishment. It's a truthful book. Mr Thompson deserves a round of applause for this publication. Buy it. It will be in the UK stores mid -November and is available now on Ebay.
It's the real thing. Trust me. I was there.............Joe Moretti 27 Oct 2008.