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  The Platters. This is a magical name in Rock and Roll. They had an incredibly calming effect on what would normally be classed as The "Violent" generation of R&R during the 50's. In my Home town of Glasgow, Scotland, guys would tear up the place while watching movies of Bill Haley, Elvis, etc. then when the Platters appeared everyone would sit down and listen to their smooth romantic sounds. When the Platters had finished performing the guys would start smashing the place and each other up again. Amazing ! The group has undergone many changes over the years, personnel wise, and I believe there are something like twenty different Platters Groups in existence at the moment, with heavy legal scenes going on, but for me The Platters of the 50's are the True Platters. By this I mean the line up consisting of Herb Reed, David Lynch, Tony Williams,Paul Robi, and the lovely Zola Taylor. In 1954 the  songwriter Buck Ram from Chicago signed a management contract with the group and that's when the ball really started rolling. Like I say I don't who came before or after that lineup, or the legal technicalities involved, for me........... Those wereTHE True Platters.
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Under Buck Ram's Guidance they signed a contract with "Mercury" Records in 1955, producing such hits as "Only You" "Smoke gets in Your Eyes" "My Prayer" "The Great Pretender" "Twilight Time"and "The Magic Touch" to name but a few, four of these singles reaching the number one spot in the charts. Buck Ram had also worked with another great group " The Inkspots" the most popular black vocal group of the 1940's so the gentleman knew he had a winner when he signed The Platters. In 1956 Buck Ram incorporated The Platters, forming "The Five Platters Inc" giving each member stock in the corporation, but this meant each member signed away any right to the name - "The Platters" - all rights to the name belonged to the corporation. This was a very shrewd move and was probably the main cause of so many changes of personnel and legal hassles throughout the ensuing years. At the moment there are wives, husbands, daughters, sons etc - all fighting for a piece of the action. Shame. The Platters were the most popular black group of the 50's. Polished,articulate,supported by lush orchestrations, no other group came close to their success. As previously stated, the group went through many changes of personnel but still enjoyed sporadic chart appearances in the 60's with songs like "With This Ring", but they are mainly remembered for their work in the Golden Era of R&R in the 50's. The Platters were inducted into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1990.       (c) Joe Moretti 

Fats Domino.  Born Antoine Domino Jnr. February 26 1928 in New Orleans. One of nine children, Fats learned the basics of music from Harrison Verret, his brother in law. The Fat man, everyone loved Fats, his music was easy to listen to and easy to play. Boogie woogie piano plus his smooth rhythm and blues vocal style made Fats a big favourite with the rockers, and his New Orleans influences added a new flavour to the great musical mix that was to become Rock and Roll.   Pianist, songwriter, singer, Fats sold 65 MILLION records, more than any other rocker except Elvis. Between 1950 and 1963 Fats made the Top Forty "Pop" charts a total of thirty seven times and the R&B charts Fifty Nine times !!! "Blueberry Hill" "I'm Walkin" "Blue Monday" "Ain't That A Shame" "My Blue Heaven" - these are just a few of Mr Domino's great hits. Born into a musical Family, Fats worked for small change in Honky Tonks to pay the bills, and by 1949 had become a fixture at the Hideaway Club. When he teamed up with Dave Bartholomew, who became his producer and bandleader, the ball really started rolling for Fats. This great partnership produced a wealth of New Orleans R&B hits.
While many of his contemporaries were into the frantic, frenetic way of performing rock, Fat's was always laid back but solid. In fact He more or less dominated the Fifties Rock scene. He cut eight tracks for the Imperial Label on December 10, 1949 at Cosimo Matassa's J&M studios and one of the tracks called " The Fat Man" sold a million and went to number 2 in the R&B charts. Many regard it as the first R&R record. His first number one hit was "Goin' Home" released June 21,1952, and this was also the first of nine number one hits which topped the R&B charts for a total of 51 weeks between 1952-59, amounting to almost a full year of chart domination over that period. Fats appeared in a number of movies. In 1956 he was with Big Joe Turner in " Shake rattle and Roll" - a breakthrough film in which Fats sung three songs. A month later He smashed through in " The Girl Can't Help It" alongside such Rock Luminaries as Gene Vincent and Eddie Cochrane. During the course of his spectacular career Fats has recorded so many hits, just a few of them being : "Let the Four Winds Blow" "My Blue Heaven" "Blueberry Hill" "Ain't That A Shame" "Blue Monday"  "Jambalaya" { There's that connection with C&W} " " Walkin' To New Orleans" "Goin' Home" and the list goes on and and on. In the world of Rock And Roll Fats Domino is indeed a giant. I reiterate - 65 MILLION records !! Wow !!  Fats was inducted into The Rock And Roll Hall of Fame on January 23, 1986. Billy Joel was his presenter.
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